The learned lawyers and priests of earlier centuries also considered torture to be absolutely necessary for obtaining evidence!.. There is no ignorance so stubborn as the ignorance of the learned...

"The facts continue multiplying that refute the barbaric practice of animal experimentation in the name of human health and longevity. Yet the efforts by the medical establishment to justify this practice continues unabated.... The medical establishment threatens us with dire consequences if animal experimentation is stopped. This is a sham, a weapon being used to ensure continued funding to the tune of $6 billion a year by the National Institutes of Health and Mental Health to the nation'suniversities." - From an article by Murray J. Cohen, M.D., in the Chicago Tribune, April 8, 1986.

"At the time when millions are starving in the world, and our economy is in great trouble, Congress is allocating billions of dollars annually in grants for "basic", no-goal research on living animals. Careers in torture are as financially rewarding as they are morally bankrupt. Reports in the medical journals recorded by the experimenters themselves are indisputable indictments of their gross inhumanity." - Barbara Schultz, a member of the Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz's advisory committee on the treatment of animals in New York State, writing in Newsday, July 12, 1974.

"In all ages Man has sought to justify the cruelty of his actions by decking them out under the mantle of a lofty ideal...
In our present age, in which cruelty has in fact only changed its form, but in which we profess to be more enlightened than in former times, living creatures are tortured in the name of the higher interests of humanity, in the name of Science... It goes without saying that today's torturers, like their predecessors, boast of the gratifying results of their cruel methods. Thus, in all the journals at their disposal, in all their classical works, they turn the heads of the young by asserting that it is thanks to vivisection that Harvey discovered the circulation of blood, Galvani electricity, Claude Bernard the causes for the formation of sugar in the human organism, and so forth. Finally, in order to prove the triumph of their method, they remind us that it resulted in the invention of the "healing" sera for disease. Well, we are not afraid to say that all these statements are in fact false, and that tortures, whether for religious, legal or scientific purposes, have always produced only hideous results, and that they have led only to error, disaster and degeneration..." - Dr. H. Boucher, physician, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France - From his lecture at the Fifth International Anti-Vivisection Congress in Zurich, 1912.

Dr. med Gustav Riedlin, Freiburg im Breisgau, Der Versuch am Lebenden Tier (Research on The Living Animal): "We anti-vivisectionist doctors oppose the abuse of pure research, the "scientific" animal torture, and we demand its banning under criminal law. We demand its total abolition and would also demand this even if - which is not the case - some great use for suffering mankind were to emerge from it. Apart from the depraving cruelties and the impossibility of carrying out most experiments without causing pain, experimentation on the weak body, i.e. the torture of the defenseless animal, is unreliable and misleading in its results on the part of ambitious pushers and illusionists with no moral scruples.
....But we do not content ourselves with condemning animal experiments from the standpoint of sympathy, moral laws and religion; we wage our fight against animal torture also from the purely scientific standpoint, and can prove that it is superfluous, useless, harmful and disastrous for our race."- From Der Arzt, August 1930, No. 8, special issue.